Alternatives to Bank Financing

by Jeff Wright

Economists continue to express concern that there are warning signs of a slowdown. Rising interest rates are expected to continue throughout 2019. The general opinion is that a recession will…

Creative cash flow

Creative Cash Flow

by Toby Dahm

Cash is the life blood of any business. Without it, organizations are sure to struggle. Sometimes even a good business fails by ignoring the ledger balance, yet a poorly run…

Rising profit graphs

Are You Ready to Grow?

by Toby Dahm

Most business people equate growth with success. Growth shows that the market likes what we offer. It also allows us to add resources, thus building a stronger foundation. Growth usually…

Hitachi Business Finance

You’ve Made the Big Sale… Now What?

by Toby Dahm

Nick put down the phone and sat silently in his chair, basking in the feeling of accomplishment. This is why he formed his business two years ago. This is why…

Factoring for the Staffing Industry: Economic Outlook

by Katie Mullin

Temporary Staffing: Statistics Temporary staffing agencies are a vital contributor to the U.S. economy, providing employment for roughly 15 million employees each year. The Bureau for Labor Statistics predicts that…

How Staffing Companies Can Increase Working Capital

by Jeff Wright

As we continue to see signs of a booming economy, finding qualified employees is an issue. Employers are increasingly looking to staffing agencies for those hard-to-find employees. As staffing agencies increase…

Bank Says No

When the Bank Says No

by Jeff Wright

Why do Banks Deny Borrowers? Are you ready to grow your business, but do not qualify for traditional bank financing? There are a number of reasons a bank will turn…

Financing Professional Services

by Toby Dahm

The commercial finance industry loves certain industries. Trucking, staffing, distribution, and manufacturing have been heavily targeted. They’re easy to understand and easy to fund. But what about companies that are…

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