Negotiating Techniques 101

by Jeff Wright

By Jeff Wright, Senior Vice President, Hennessey Capital Negotiation is all about resolving a situation that creates a mutual gain for both parties, For this to happen, you must keep…

The Power of Purpose

by Toby Dahm

By Toby Dahm, Senior Vice President, Hennessey Capital I will never forget my first college finance class.  It wasn’t because the professor only kept us for 5 minutes, which was…

Six Ways to Improve Cash Flow

by Jeff Wright

Managing cash is key to the success of any business. Without it, management can not operate efficiently to address the needs of its customers and take advantage of new opportunities….

Know Your Client Before Getting Down to Business

by Candi Pavliscak

By Candi Pavliscak, Senior Vice President, Hennessey Capital Most business owners will be excited about the prospect of bringing on new clients. However, before you make the decision to take…

5 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

by Joe Romeo

By Joe Romeo, Senior Business Development Officer Being successful is on the top of any entrepreneur’s list, regardless of industry.  Unfortunately, there is no automatic checklist for business owners to…