GoToWebinar: July Business App of the Month

by Hitachi Business Finance

Going hand-in-hand with the summer weather, July brings us a super-hot app of the month: GoToWebinar. A well put together webinar can be incredibly informative, powerful, and useful. With GoToWebinar…

How Financeable is My Company?

by Hitachi Business Finance

I just got off the phone with a business owner that just received a huge order from Walmart. He thinks he has it made and can now get financing for…

Strong Business Outlook for Michigan

by Hitachi Business Finance

Strong Business Outlook for Michigan It’s a great time to live and work in the state of Michigan; the nation’s 10th largest state by population has a promising economic outlook….

Asset-based financing for your small business

by HitCapAmer

If you have had difficulty securing financing for your business for any of the following reasons, Hitachi Business Finance’s working capital options may be right for you: Your company has…