Why Entrepreneurs Need Advisory Boards

by Mike Semanco

Last updated 9/3/2021 Having been both a leader and entrepreneur in the finance industry for the past 20 years, I’ve learned the value and importance of an advisory board. Today,…

Business Development: What Does it Really Mean?

by Jeff Wright

Business Development Means Different Things to Different People Some may consider developing new products or services to be business development. To those on the sales side, it may be identifying…

Customer Service Tips to Make Clients Love You

by Candi Pavliscak

Customer service is always being discussed, from news stories and business books lauding those companies with the best customer service to companies competing with each other by debating which firm…

Five Best Cash Flow Practices for Your Clients

by Jeff Wright

Maintaining Healthy Cash Flow Practices is Key to Sustaining and Growing any Business Constantly monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting for economic downturns, seasonality, competition, and industry trends can position a company to…

The Big and Little Cs of Credit

by Hitachi Business Finance

The lending approach of asset-based lending applies much greater weighting to Character, Collateral, and Capacity (the big Cs) and much less weighting to the other two, capital and conditions (the small Cs).

The Digital Landscape – Financing Professional Services

by Hitachi Capital America Corp.

The commercial finance industry loves certain industries. Trucking, staffing, distribution, and manufacturing have been heavily targeted. They’re easy to understand and easy to fund. But what about companies that are…