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Hitachi Business Finance provides customized working capital solutions secured by accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment for growing small- and middle-market companies across the United States. By providing proven certainty and speed, we support our clients as their trusted advisor by working together to create long-term, sustainable business growth.  As an important financial partner of Hitachi Global, we are fully empowered to Inspire the Next Рyour next round of working capital, your next big contract, or your next round of payroll.

Our solutions include A/R financing, flexible lines of credit, syndication lending, lender financing, and government contractor financing. Each solution is tailored to your specific needs and evolves as you grow and sustain your business.

With more than a decade of proven success and 75+ years of combined experience, our clients have received strategic and customized solutions, helping them enhance their profitability while strengthening cash flow.

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Please contact Kaitlyn McDonald at (248) 658-3231 or
kmcdonald@hitachibusinessfinance.com for any documents/information that you may need. 

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