Hootsuite: App of the Month – May

by Jacob Semanco

Hootsuite: App of the Month


Hootsuite is a social media management platform that connects all of your accounts into a single application. The platform provides four options to get started with their service.

Professional, being the most basic option of the four at $19/month, includes message scheduling, real-time analytics, social sweepstakes, and unlimited RSS integrations. The Team option builds upon these features with customized analytic views, bulk content scheduling, team assignments, limited social campaigns, custom-branded URLs, 1:1 training, and Hootsuite platform certification at $99/month. Business builds on Team with a few more features, including advanced analytics with data exports, approvals and assignments, unlimited social campaigns, social marketing certification, 24/7 priority support, and extended 1:1 training at $499/month. The Enterprise option includes all of the above and more, and can be priced by contacting Hootsuite directly.

Inside Hootsuite’s dashboard, you can see all of your social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, and YouTube. Depending on which option you choose, you can add 10 social media profiles with Professional, 20 profiles with Team, 50 with Business, and unlimited with Enterprise. Once you’ve added your social media accounts, you can view any updates associated with that account on the dashboard. It makes it easy to not only post and repost your favorite content, but remain up-to-date with social media in one application.

There have been many companies who have jumped on board with the “all-in-one” social media platforms similar to Hootsuite, such as Tweetdeck and Buffer. Although they seem similar at first glance, a deeper dive will prove how different the services can be.

Hootsuite’s Competition

Let’s begin with Tweetdeck. It only allows you to schedule, post, and stream through Twitter, while Hootsuite allows you to use many different accounts. It’s worth nothing that Tweetdeck is a free service, while Hootsuite is not.

Looking at Buffer and Hootsuite, it’s easy to see that Hootsuite has the upper hand on Buffer. Buffer only includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, while Hootsuite includes all of those plus WordPress, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. Hootsuite allows you to integrate your social media accounts into one platform where you can update your different social media pages as well as interact with your clients and followers. With Buffer, you can only schedule updates and post new content. Major differences between the two services that may have a significant impact on your decision are the analytics that Hootsuite and Buffer each offer. Hootsuite is much more robust while Buffer just monitors your individual posts.

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