Leadfeeder: September Business App of the Month

by Hitachi Business Finance

Leadfeeder is a new and innovative way to take website visitors and convert them into sales leads. It allows marketers to measure how effective their campaigns are, gives the sales team fresh leads, and provides top management a new outlet to measure company collaboration and success.

For being rated number one in Google Analytics, Leadfeeder is one of the most underrated apps on the market. Founded in Finland, it is a simple tool for B2B companies that uncovers website visitors and turns them into quality sales leads.

Anytime a company visits your website, Leadfeeder shows you company details, common LinkedIn contacts, and much more. Once you have this information, you can follow up on the lead. If a company visits the page of one of your products for a few minutes, then you know they’re interested. Whether you send them an email with a coupon, more information, or simply ask if they have any questions regarding your products/services, it is entirely up to you.




One thing I find useful is how easily the app allows teamwork and integration. Leadfeeder can currently be integrated with Pipedrive and WebCRM , and is actively working on providing integration for other top CRMs.  Multiple users can login and view leads at any given time. This allows new leads to be easily assigned to different members of your sales or marketing team.

Along with gathering information on potential clients, Leadfeeder can also show you your competitors. Seeing a competitor looking at your company’s press releases or products page gives an idea as to when a competitor might try to undermine you. This information allows you to contact and maintain relations to clients, as well as focus on enhancing certain products.

The app does offer a free 30 day. After the 30 days, there is a free version called Leadfeeder Lite. It still allows you to see who visits your website. However, you don’t see what web pages people view, don’t have CRM integration, and lack LinkedIn information and top management tools. Plans for full access start as low as $59 a month, and the price increases based on how many unique companies you want to keep as leads.

Check out their website and start your free trial today.

Note: This is not an endorsement by Hitachi Business Finance, just a real life experience by one of our users.

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