Mavenlink: October’s App of the Month

by Jacob Semanco

With business operations moving so fast and what seems to be less time during the work day, it’s hard to keep track of what everyone is doing. This never-ending cycle of receiving projects, distributing resources to your team, and completing projects soon becomes draining and leaves you anxious, tired, and stressed. Here to relieve some of that tension is Mavenlink. It’s a project management database, functioning much like your personal shopping list, only with your professional workflow instead. Mavenlink lets you input projects, distribute work to your team members, track the status of your team members and project requirements, and ultimately help you run your business as efficiently as possible.

Manage Projects with Ease

Mavenlink is a cloud-like workspace that can be accessed from any device and provides the ability to both collaborate with your team and your clients directly from the site’s simple, yet elegant, interface. This workspace allows you to manage multiple projects with ease, add resources to the project timeline, and provide your clients with a branded, collaborative, and transparent experience.

Mavenlink screen shot

#1 App

Mavenlink is rated #1 for Google product management applications, and companies including Genpact, BuzzFeed, Coca-Cola Credit Union, San Antonio Spurs, ElevatedThird, and Cornerstone are using the service. With $10 billion in services delivered, more than 22 million tasks being created, and 1 million projects being managed, Mavenlink allows you to stay ahead of demand by knowing who’s available and when they’re available.

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Note: This blog is not an endorsement by Hitachi Business Finance of any specific product.

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