A Dose of Our Own Advice

by Heather Rachel

I have been in sales since the age of five (yes really!). When I wasn’t working alongside my grandfather at the local flea market, I spent many hours helping my grandmother at her Scandinavian/Norwegian gift shop, helping brides as they shopped for their china and dinnerware. By the age of 7, I knew how to run the credit card machine, count back change, and gift wrap!

Through the years I have experienced and witnessed many ups, downs, and curve balls when it comes to prospecting and finding new customers.   The pandemic has certainly brought it’s challenges and has many business development professionals struggling to find new business.

Sourcing new prospects in the asset-based lending and factoring industry has most definitely changed from a few years ago.  As I talk with other similar and various types of lenders, they too feel the frustrations of the changes and challenges the pandemic brought on.

new business adviceNow is the time to get curious, creative, and resourceful as we go about finding new business. We need to be looking for new ideas both internally and externally, then asking ourselves and our teams, what can we do different to grow our business?  If we choose to be complacent, standing in the same place doing the same things and expecting different results, well we all know what the definition of that is…insanity!

It’s no different than the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”. Through the four main characters, author Spencer Johnson demonstrates that how we act and react to change and adversity will determine our success. Things are not the way they were before. The challenges we face are reminders that we need to go out and find our new “Cheese” – prospects.  No doubt the how’s, the where’s and the who’s are no longer the same.

However, there are still things that should never change such as our morals and values.  Leading with authenticity, respect for ourselves and others, honesty, and integrity need to remain strong and intact.

Where you’ll find your next customer is the new adventure that we are all embarking on. When we suggest to our clients that they make changes to their business(s), we need to remember to take a dose of our own advice.

Time to find new cheese!

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About the Author

Heather Rachel joined the Hitachi business development team in 2021 as an established leader in the factoring and ABL industry. Based in the greater Minneapolis region, she is working with business owners and trusted advisors across the United States as a resource to determine the most effective means to access working capital for growing businesses. Contact Heather at (952) 426-0819 or hrachel@hitachibusinessfinance.com.
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