February’s App of the Month: GetResponse

by Jacob Semanco

February’s App of the Month: GetResponse


GetResponse is an email marketing service provider that specializes in email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, and autoresponders. The service also provides two unique services – ClickWebinar and marketing automation.

ClickWebinar is an online platform that allows users to host video and audio conferences, collaborate on documents, deliver presentations, perform product demonstrations, and securely share confidential information from different places. The platform allows users to reach large audiences from their conference room. It allows users to host and share presentations for up to 1,000 people without leaving their desk. ClickWebinar also allows you to easily schedule on-demand training and demonstrations for clients, partners, and employees.

With GetResponse’s marketing automation program, you can build intuitive workflows with your subscribers. Automatic triggers can be created based on your subscribers’ behaviors and can filter subscribers based on certain criteria they complete. For example, a retail store wants to narrow down its subscriber list to the visitors who click-through to the company’s home page via email. A filter can be added to do so, allowing the user to narrow down their target audience and subscriber list without the hassle of manually scrubbing the list.

Hitachi Business Finance Uses GetResponse

We use GetResponse at Hitachi Business Finance whenever we need to create a monthly newsletter or email blast. Their drag-and-drop email editor makes it quick and easy. We are able to add articles, buttons, pictures, change colors, and much more with just a click-and-drag of the mouse. With each email, GetResponse shows you a pie chart of analytics. The analysis includes your open rate, click rate, and bounce rate so you can have a better idea of what to aim for and target in their next email. The platform is simple, elegant, and easy to use.

GetResponse: What Praise?

GetResponse has received praise from websites including Style Factory, PC Mag, and Merchant Maverick among many others. With an audience of start-ups and established companies, pricing is affordable for companies of all sizes:

  • Starting at $15/month with their Email package, you can upload a list of up to 1,000 contacts. You will be able to use their autoresponders, basic landing pages, and marketing automation features.
  • The next pricing option is Pro and is the most popular choice. At $49/month, you can upload up to 5,000 contacts and are able to work with autoresponders, advanced landing pages, and host webinars with up to 100 attendees. On top of the workflow and tags features, you can use their scoring, abandoned cart, web event tracking, and marketing automation features.
  • The next pricing option is Max and is typically used by marketing professionals. At $165/month, you can upload up to 10,000 contacts and are able to use all of the Pro features plus custom domains, campaign consulting, host webinars of up to 500 attendees, integrate with Salesforce.com, and use all of the marketing automation features.
  • Their most expansive option is Enterprise which starts at $799/month. Enterprise allows you to upload more than 100,000 contacts to your database. On top of the Max features, you are provided an account manager, dedicated infrastructure, dedicated IP address, max mail-out performance, and deliverability consulting, along with all of the marketing automation features.

With over 250,000 active users, GetResponse can help your company out today. Sign up for a free trial here.

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