Financing Professional Services

by Toby Dahm

The commercial finance industry loves certain industries. Trucking, staffing, distribution, and manufacturing have been heavily targeted. They’re easy to understand and easy to fund. But what about companies that are…

payroll financing

Payroll Financing for Small Business

by Jacob Semanco

What Is Payroll Financing? Payroll financing turns your unpaid invoices into cash. Use payroll financing when you have slow paying customers on your hands, but need cash today. As a…

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

by Jacob Semanco

Digital Marketing at the Forefront Many small businesses get stuck trying to figure out where to spend their time and energy next. Whether it’s nurturing more leads, making more sales,…

manufacturing companies

Working Capital for Manufacturing Companies

by Jacob Semanco

So Many Options… What Fits Best? There are many different sources of financing for manufacturing companies who have a proven track record of success. However, many are unable to find…


Lessons in Starting and Running a Business

by Mike Semanco

Lessons in Starting and Running a Business – What I Wish I Knew I’m sure everyone has thought about starting their own business at some point in their career. Become…


The Importance of Financing Your Company

by Jeff Wright

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Whether it’s a start-up company or one that has been in operation for years, cash is needed to meet daily operating expenses. Without…

Five Ways to Maintain a Good Credit Record

by HitachiCapital

René Gélinas – Communication and Marketing Director at HCC Start young, pay your bills on time, be disciplined, and you will be more likely to avoid difficulties in finding financing…

Cold Calls: Aim for New Heights

by HitachiCapital

Cold Calls: Aim for New Heights! by: René Gélinas – Communication and Marketing Director at CLE / HCC Direct marketing… many companies must resort to it as part of their…

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