Creative cash flow

Five Best Cash Flow Practices

by Jeff Wright

Maintaining Healthy Cash Flow Practices is Key to Sustaining and Growing any Business Constantly monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting for economic downturns, seasonality, competition, and industry trends can position a company to…

The Big and Little Cs of Credit

by Greg L'Herault

The lending approach of asset-based lending applies much greater weighting to Character, Collateral, and Capacity (the big Cs) and much less weighting to the other two, capital and conditions (the small Cs).

Financing Professional Services

by Hitachi Capital America Corp.

The commercial finance industry loves certain industries. Trucking, staffing, distribution, and manufacturing have been heavily targeted. They’re easy to understand and easy to fund. But what about companies that are…

How Staffing Companies Can Increase Working Capital

by Jeff Wright

Employers are increasingly looking to staffing agencies for those hard-to-find employees. As staffing agencies increase their volume, cash flow issues can arise for staffing companies that do not have adequate…

manufacturing companies

Working Capital for Manufacturing Companies

by Jeff Wright

So Many Options… What Fits Best? There are many different sources of financing for manufacturing companies who have a proven track record of success. However, many are unable to find…

Exit Strategy

Don’t Forget About Exit Planning

by Greg L'Herault

One thing that’s rarely on a business owner’s to-do list, but is crucial for business owners, is exit planning. If you fail, forget, or neglect to plan your exit from your business, you fail to feather your nest egg. This is a regret you won’t recover from.

Creative cash flow

Getting Creative With Cash Flow

by Jeff Wright

Cash is the life blood of any business. Without it, organizations are sure to struggle. Sometimes even a good business fails by ignoring the ledger balance, yet a poorly run…

payroll financing

Payroll Financing for Small Business

by Jacob Semanco

What Is Payroll Financing? Payroll financing turns your unpaid invoices into cash. Use payroll financing when you have slow paying customers on your hands, but need cash today. As a…

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