Exit Strategy

Don’t Forget About Exit Planning

by Greg L'Herault

One thing that’s rarely on a business owner’s to-do list, but is crucial for business owners, is exit planning. If you fail, forget, or neglect to plan your exit from your business, you fail to feather your nest egg. This is a regret you won’t recover from.

Creative cash flow

Getting Creative With Cash Flow

by Jeff Wright

Cash is the life blood of any business. Without it, organizations are sure to struggle. Sometimes even a good business fails by ignoring the ledger balance, yet a poorly run…

Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

by Donna Lucente

Are you ready to be your own boss? If so, you are not alone. This is the number one reason people open their own business, followed closely by the desire…

Bank Says No

When the Bank Says No

by Jeff Wright

Why do Banks Deny Borrowers? Are you ready to grow your business, but do not qualify for traditional bank financing? There are a number of reasons a bank will turn…


The Importance of Financing Your Company

by Jeff Wright

Cash is the lifeblood of any business. Whether it’s a start-up company or one that has been in operation for years, cash is needed to meet daily operating expenses. Without…

Business Financing Myths Debunked

Business Financing Myths Debunked

by Mike Semanco

Business Financing Myths Debunked After years working with companies of all shapes and sizes in many industries, I have seen a variety of creative ways to finance a business. Entrepreneurs…

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