Hitachi eNews: April 2018

by Hitachi Business Finance

April 2018 eNews

November eNews 2017Business Owners: Don’t Put This Off

Most of us have regrets about what we didn’t do. Things we promised ourselves but didn’t follow through on. Things such as exercise, dieting, having a difficult conversation, finishing that book, cleaning the basement. We know we need to do these things, but we find excuses to keep putting them off.

One thing that is seldom on the list, but is crucial for business owners, is exit planning. Read more.

Recent Done Deals

Hitachi Business Finance recently participated in three syndication transactions valued at nearly $40MM.

As participants in syndicated transactions, Hitachi Business Finance offers hold positions ranging from $5-$25 million. Proceeds are used for working capital (A/R and inventory), equipment/capex and growth capital, acquisition, turnaround, and recapitalization financing.

Interested in learning more about syndicated lending? Contact Tom Bayer at

Financial Myth-Busters
No. 7

Myth: Asset-based lending is only for companies that have been turned down by a bank.

Fact: Many companies prefer asset-based lines of credit to bank financing. Asset-based lines allow you to manage your cash flow how you want. You only pay for the amount you use, unlike many bank loans where you receive a lump sum at closing and make a fixed payment every month based on the original loan amount.

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