Hitachi Business Finance Completes Working Capital Solutions Totaling $4.5 Million

by Hitachi Business Finance

Hitachi Business Finance, a division of Hitachi Capital America Corp. and a leader in easy and flexible financing for growing companies, recently provided $4.5 million to three growing U.S. companies seeking working capital solutions.

Of the new clients that received financing, the first offers energy saving solutions that work alongside traditional building insulation. Located in the Southern U.S., the company is growing rapidly and in need of financing to support cash requirements caused by a surge in new business. With a base of strong credit-worthy customers, the firm leveraged their accounts receivable with a $3.5 million factoring facility from Hitachi Business Finance. Now armed with a stronger cash flow position, the company can secure additional customers and provide continued support to its existing clients.

Chris Mitchell

“When a company is growing rapidly but has a limited operating history, A/R financing offers the perfect solution,” says Regional Vice President and Business Development Officer Chris Mitchell. “This company now has additional cash on hand and can pursue lucrative contracts that will allow the company to expand to its fullest potential.”

The other client is an engineering firm located in Michigan. After seeing balance sheet losses over the past few years, the company was in need of an injection of cash flow to become profitable again. After meeting with a financing consultant, it was decided that a $750,000 A/R financing facility from Hitachi Business Finance was the best course of action to secure additional working capital solutions.

“We see this situation quite frequently – a company’s balance sheet will be upside down for a few years, but there’s a plan in place to become profitable again. This particular company has a very strong management team that has the tools to make the plan work,” says President and COO Mike Semanco.

M Semanco
Mike Semanco

“One of the benefits of asset-based lending is that because we’re lending against A/R, inventory and equipment, we can look beyond the balance sheet and take a deeper look into the company’s management team and determine if the skill set is there to succeed.”

The third company to receive financing is a small automotive and aerospace consulting firm that conducts business with the U.S. Department of Defense. With a factoring facility of $250,000, the company can compete for additional contracts and has a more comfortable cash flow position.

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