Financing for Manufacturing Companies

Lack of Working Capital?

A lack of working capital or a cash flow crunch can be a source of distress for manufacturers. Financing for manufacturing companies is a necessary growth tool, and can be used for purchasing raw materials, funding employee payroll and benefits, adding or replacing equipment, and even paying daily operating expenses.

What is Asset-based Financing for Manufacturers?

manufacturing finance infographic

Asset-based financing is exactly as it sounds – financing based on your assets. By using your own collateral – A/R, inventory, and equipment – you can keep your cash flowing.

Asset-based financing for manufacturers can be used to:

– Free up capital for expansions
– Meet seasonal demands
– Pursue expansion opportunities
– Take advantage of supplier discounts
– Keep supply chain moving
– Purchase raw materials

Want to learn more? See this infographic for more info on asset-based lending.

Hitachi Business Finance Can Help

If an asset-based lending sounds like the solution for your manufacturing company, then let Hitachi Business Finance be your go-to. With solutions available from $500,000 and extending to $15 million, we are able to accommodate your most advanced cash flow needs. With decades of experience in providing financing for manufacturing companies, we are able to understand your business and know exactly what you need, when you need it. See how we helped Michigan-based manufacturer Ralco with their working capital needs here.

Let Hitachi Business Finance inspire your next line of credit, your new project development process, and most importantly, your next surge of business acquisition and future growth.

Ready to grow? Contact us at or call (248) 658-1100.

Michigan-Based Manufacturing Company, CRW Plastics, Shares Their Experience with Our Financing Solutions

Ready to Grow?

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