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Need to Boost Your Working Capital?

As a business owner, you know that steady cash flow can make or break your bottom line. So why let a lack of capital restrain growth or new opportunities? Instead of dealing with the stress of pending invoice payments, unexpected expenses, or overdue supplier payments, consider how to even out your cash flow with A/R financing.


A/R financing, also known as factoring, is not a loan. It’s simply a way for you to access money that you’ve already earned. This system can help you make payments on time and keep your credit clean.

Want the facts? Download our Consistent Cash Flow A/R Financing E-Book and learn how this financing alternative may be just what you need to maintain and build your business!

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Hitachi Business Financing 101 eBook: the Cyclical State of the Lending Industry

Many companies will require a variety of funding sources as they attempt to climb the ranks of their respective industries. The lending industry is consistently evolving and various sources of funds are available for different stages of a company’s life cycle.
Recent data from the Federal Reserve show that U.S. banks, after mostly loosening lending standards for commercial loans and small firms both during and after the Great Recession, have been tightening their standards, with the trend accelerating for the past year.
Where does this leave businesses that need money to grow? What about those new orders that need to be filled? Or the new employees that need to be hired or that piece of equipment that needs to be purchased?
That’s where finance industry veterans Mike Semanco and Jeff Wright come in. Semanco is President and COO of Hitachi Business Finance, while Wright is a Senior Vice President. Each offers their take on the lending industry in “Business Financing 101: How the Lending Industry is Transforming” – the challenges small businesses face, the effects of banking regulations, the outlook of the industry, and more.


Let Hitachi Lender Finance INSPIRE the NEXT Round of Portfolio Growth for Your Company

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  • Customized Solutions Inclusive to factors, asset-based lenders and finance companies
  • Aggressive Lines of Credit: $1 – $25 million
  • Minimal Covenant Requirements
  • Scalable Credit Lines with Increased Business Development Success
  • Competitive Rates
  • Syndication Opportunities

Hitachi Business Finance also understands your need for fresh ideas on how to find and market new clients that you will provide alternative financing to. As a result, we developed Marketing for Factors: How to Build Your Brand Online

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