Capping Off A Successful 2015 With the Addition of Two New Clients

by Hitachi Business Finance

As 2015 wraps up, two new clients have received working capital assistance from Hitachi Business Finance.

“In just these past few months, we have seen a significant uptick in business,” said President and COO Mike Semanco. “Companies from across the country, in a diverse variety of industries, are seeing their own businesses grow. From increases in contracts to hiring new employees, asset-based lending continues to be an incredibly valuable tool that allows businesses to better improve their operations and balance sheet metrics.”

Of the new clients that recently received funding, the first is a staffing company located in Georgia that was founded in early 2015. They provide pickers, packers, loaders, unloaders, and forklift operators to clients looking for warehouse assistance. With $500,000 in A/R financing from Hitachi Business Finance, the company now has a more comfortable cash flow position and plans to grow through the addition of two new large clients.

Additionally, Hitachi Business Finance was also instrumental in helping a Midwest-based kitchen and bath supplier increase their working capital facility. When their existing bank facility did not meet their needs, Hitachi stepped in and was able to offer more. With a new $500,000 revolving line of credit, the company can continue to focus on their core business and meet the demands of their busy fall and winter season.

“Helping the smaller companies with big growth plans is something that we, as a team, are passionate about,” said Chris Mitchell, regional VP and business development officer. “Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy and we know that. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with growing companies to help them achieve their goals.”

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