When the Bank Says No

by Jeff Wright

jwright@hitachibusinessfinance.com Why do Banks Deny Borrowers? Are you ready to grow your business, but do not qualify for traditional bank financing? There are a number of reasons a bank will…

How Financeable is My Company?

by Katie Mullin

I just got off the phone with a business owner that just received a huge order from Walmart. He thinks he has it made and can now get financing for…

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

by Toby Dahm

During lunch, after a morning visit to a plant that the borrower desperately wanted, the loan officer committed his bank to the deal. He said “go ahead and buy it,…

A Lender’s Lender

by Jeff Wright

The Great Recession of 2008, and the subsequent credit crunch, forced us to make some hard choices. As an asset-based lender, we had to continually balance our own bank line…

Financing for Manufacturing Companies

by Jeff Wright

There are many sources of financing for manufacturing companies that have a proven history of profitability. It’s the manufacturers who have start-up companies or have experienced losses. Or those that…

Small Business Financing Tips

by Jeff Wright

Small businesses need working capital financing to sustain and grow. This may be a simple statement, but the effort, work, and details required to receive financing aren’t always so simple….