When the Bank Says No

by Jeff Wright

Why do Banks Deny Borrowers? During this time of uncertainty, you may find that traditional banks are tightening their credit requirements, making it harder to obtain the working capital you…

How Financeable is My Company?

by Hitachi Business Finance

I just got off the phone with a business owner that just received a huge order from Walmart. He thinks he has it made and can now get financing for…

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

by Toby Dahm

During lunch, after a morning visit to a plant that the borrower desperately wanted, the loan officer committed his bank to the deal. He said “go ahead and buy it,…

A Lender’s Lender

by Jeff Wright

The Great Recession of 2008, and the subsequent credit crunch, forced us to make some hard choices. As an asset-based lender, we had to continually balance our own bank line…

Financing for Manufacturing Companies

by Jeff Wright

There are many sources of financing for manufacturing companies that have a proven history of profitability. It’s the manufacturers who have start-up companies or have experienced losses. Or those that…

Small Business Financing Tips

by Jeff Wright

Small businesses need working capital financing to sustain and grow. This may be a simple statement, but the effort, work, and details required to receive financing aren’t always so simple….