The Big and Little Cs of Credit

by Hitachi Business Finance

The lending approach of asset-based lending applies much greater weighting to Character, Collateral, and Capacity (the big Cs) and much less weighting to the other two, capital and conditions (the small Cs).

Business Financing Myths Debunked

by Mike Semanco

Business Financing Myths Debunked After years working with companies of all shapes and sizes in many industries, I have seen a variety of creative ways to finance a business. Entrepreneurs…

Merchant Cash Advances vs. A/R Factoring

by Jeff Wright

Different funding solutions for small businesses. Which works best for you? Our topic today is to outline two completely different funding solutions for small business: merchant cash advances and A/R…


by Jeff Wright

In the past several weeks, I’ve been hearing a word I haven’t heard in a long while – not since well before 2008. The word is leverage. Actually, from the…

Invoice Factoring or a Line of Credit?

by Jeff Wright

Small- and mid-size business financing can vary substantially from company to company. Common variables include what stage the business in, balance sheet considerations, company performance, collateral, business adversity, and so…

Data Driven Asset-based Lending

by Jeff Wright

I recently attended the Asset-based Capital Conference in Las Vegas. While I did make a small donation to keep the casinos in business, the conference did have value in connecting…

Creating a Credit Policy that Helps You Get Paid

by Hitachi Business Finance

By Candace Pavliscak, Chief Credit Officer & Senior Vice President, Hennessey Capital Everyone thinks of the banking/finance industry when they hear the term “credit policy” particularly with the prevalent coverage…

Asset-Based Lending Grows in Popularity

by Hitachi Business Finance

An article from this Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal highlights the flexibility  that asset-based lending provides.  Weezabi LLC, the company highlighted in this story, is a prime example of how small…

Credit Shortage Threatens Supplier Growth

by Hitachi Business Finance

Detroit Free Press writer Susan Tompor sheds light on the challenges that lie ahead for small to medium sizes businesses, particularly in the manufacturing sector. As analysts proclaim that the…