Customer Service Tips to Make Clients Love You

by Candi Pavliscak

Customer service is always being discussed, from news stories and business books lauding those companies with the best customer service to companies competing with each other by debating which firm…

What Makes a Successful Business

by Hitachi Business Finance

Everyone knows running a successful business is no easy task. It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Even the smartest minds in business always have room to grow and improve….

Getting to Know Candi Pavliscak

by Hitachi Business Finance

Candi Pavliscak, Senior Vice President At Hitachi Business Finance, we are driven by the relationships we create with our clients. We pride ourselves on working closely with them and forming…

Saying No to Sales: When it’s OK

by Toby Dahm

Consider the Efforts of Trying to Work with a Client that Doesn’t Fit Let me warn you, if you’re a salesperson, you’re not going to like this. Here’s why: the…