Financing for Manufacturing Companies

by Jeff Wright

There are many sources of financing for manufacturing companies that have a proven history of profitability. It’s the manufacturers who have start-up companies or have experienced losses. Or those that…

Small Business Financing Tips

by Jeff Wright

Small businesses need working capital financing to sustain and grow. This may be a simple statement, but the effort, work, and details required to receive financing aren’t always so simple….

Financing the Telecommunications Industry

by Jeff Wright

The United States is falling dangerously behind other countries in offering high speed, affordable Internet services to businesses and consumers. The World Economic Forum ranked the United States 35 out…

When to Call a Turnaround Specialist

by Hitachi Capital America Corp.

As a lender, there’s nothing sadder than to be asked to visit a prospect that you could have helped a while ago, but the company has degenerated to a point…

Where is Small Business Lending Headed?

by Toby Dahm

By Toby Dahm, Senior Vice President, Hennessey Capital Recent economic data suggests that the U.S. economy is beginning to shake off its grogginess and is poised to move forward.  A…

Moving from Prototype to Production

by Hitachi Business Finance

In our world of lending money to small and midsized companies for working capital purposes, we get calls all the time about how to commercialize a concept or product. Most…